Gillsville EP

by Missilefish

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released October 10, 2015

Justin Fedoruk - Drums
Roger Barker - Guitar/Vocals

Producing, mixing and mastering - Forde Weaver, Lomuno Studios, GA.



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Missilefish Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Roadkill
Underlying pressure points of view
Dog dead wedding shotgun
Thumbs down the road, I found more than I knew by
breathing in the pines. Reservations of mine.
Passion flowers in golden distances, end to end
Tracing patterns in tracks with images never shared,
and words to convey? Never

Life in the backseat, connected glances
The western sky kissing the sun
Trains with no names and a room with a motion
this is the world.

The devil's got a gun and he's pointing the barrel at you,
good lord, what will we ever do?
Will you be brave enough to raise hell up from under his feet,
or lose?
Well a book cover ripped all of the pages out of itself,
bled all of the words it ever held
To be free of the sentences holding it down
to fall off the shelf
Track Name: Accident Prone
"Take care,"
her expression said it all silently, speaking
of letting go.
"I've failed to provide a balancing
support for your every need,
I made this the best that it could be
and grew myself from every seed
you planted in the heart of me."

Same that's been said for centuries,
we just find ways to say it differently.
From promises spoken between bedsheets,
and romantic casualties, everywhere in between.

But when those bones grow old,
I won't be the one holding on and waiting for
the door to open up just to watch it close.
Track Name: Something / Everything / Anything / Nothing
It's just an empty shell, and I inhabit this
But this room held you too.
The sound reverberated off the hollow walls
and I did my best to bottle it up.
But now the jars are speaking,
their soundwave hearts are beating

They've been in there for way too long now
if only you would just give it a chance
to bloom
into magic before you
It's true, this was mine to give to you

I still hear all of your favorite words,
playing like a track on repeat
Echoing off of the walls of your abandoned sanctuary
The words are just as empty as from where it came,
and no time to erase, no time to explain
Why you
can't take it back,
your sentences now concrete and published by my teeth.

Your ghost still haunts my sleep